Long-term changes in refractive error in children with myopic


Purpose: To compare changes in the spherical equivalent (SE) refractive error between children with and without myopia tilted optic disc Methods: Changes in SE refractive error were compared between a group of eighty-eight children with -1.5 diopter or more of myopia with myopia tilted discs and a group of 108 age and initial SE refractive error-matched children without tilted disc. Factors that significantly influenced changes in SE refractive error were analyzed using mixed models. Results: Patients in the myopia tilted disc group were followed for 5.3±3.1 years, on average, and patients in the non-tilted disc group were followed for an average of 5.3±2.3 years. An overall tendency toward myopia progression during the follow-up period was noted in both groups. According to univariate analysis, patients with a poorer baseline best-corrected visual acuity (BCVA) and tilted discs tended to have greater myopia over time (p<0.001 and p=0.009, respectively). Myopia progression in the tilted disc group was significantly greater than that in the non-tilted disc group (p<0.001) after adjusting for gender and initial BCVA. Conclusions: Patients with myopia disc tilt showed greater myopia progression over time. These data suggest that myopia disc tilt represents a prognostic factor for further myopia progression, but it is unclear whether the disc tilt directly affects the progression rate of myopia or is a non-contributory consequence of other underlying mechanisms. The temporal relationship between the onset of the disc tilt and the myopia progression should be further studied using a prospective design.




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